Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008

First of all, i would like to wish everyone a glorious 2008. Happy New Year!
Been absent online for quite a while. Not that I don't want to, but my hands were forced by the stupid online modem that spluttered and died on me sometime back. It is pointless to repair it as we are terminating the service anyway by the end of the month. Just pretty infuriated that the little damn thing got the better of me. Coz I had been planning to smash it to smithereens when we finally have no use of it for all those accumulated frustrations of slow online speed and constant inability to go online. Now it is pointless to smash it. Who want to kill a dead body?
The scary thing is, it doesn't really bother me that I can't go online. Life goes on. Doesn't really missed it. I only frequented three news portal and a few blogs when online. facebook and friendster? Just visit occasionally for fun. Friends complained I am a bad chatter in MSN. I concurred. So nothing much to do online anyway. The only thing too bad is that I can't blog.
Looking back..
It had been a hectic Christmas and New Year week. It was my first (and maybe only) year spending christmas and new year in Melbourne. Lots of parties, going outs and fun with friends interspersed with moments of solitude - reading books, watching dramas and gymming. At last I had a little bit of holiday. Looking back, it had been an fruitful 2007. It was a year I did not do a new year resolution but in the end did achieve quite a bit. Been quite a workaholic year with all those studying, club activities and work.
Looking forward..
2008 will be my last year in Uni. One last year of fun before officially entering the working world. One last year to do everything that can be done in Uni so that will not leave with regrets aplently. One last year in Melbourne. One last year of spending time with current group of friends. One last year of relatively carefree life. One last year before making the big decision of what to do in life. One last year of so many things..
Anyway, for me there's only a few simple resolutions for 2008:
1) Be more spontaneous and fun
2) No procrastination
3) Be fit and healthy
4) Enhance my pharmacy knowledge and experience to the max
5) Try to write a novel
Hopefully it will all work out.
Before ending my post, I would like to wish all others who had a new year resolution: may all your wishes come true. =)