Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mukah news

You know you had diversified too much when you are a post office and you don’t even know how much it costs to send a snail mail from Mukah to Melbourne.

Post office Mukah very canggih (advanced). There I can settle my sesco (electricity) bill, telekom (telephone) bill, insurance bill, even top-up my Digi (handphone) line. And the fellas there do it efficiently. But then when I asked for stamps to send snail mail from here to Melbourne, the fella who served me go “Errrr…..nanti ar…tunggu sekejap…”(please wait) before hollering “boss!”  =.=’’’

Hello! Isn’t the post office supposed to be the expert in posting letters???

Mukah doesn’t have much of a new year mood. I think mainly because there’s no shopping malls where you can pull all the senses and sights of CNY together and showcase them in a contained space. 

All you will see here are sparse splotches of red in front of sundry store selling made-in-China cheap wares and the occasional blaring of CNY songs from VCD vendors. Haih..

Anyway still got a couple of shops selling lokam. The bright orange colour exudes so much CNY feelings that I couldn’t resist buying one whole box and share it with the hospital staffs last week. Just to spread a little bit of CNY feel around. Being here, I seriously don’t feel that CNY is just one week away. 

A lot of the guy staffs here called me “Boss” (coz my ‘rank’ higher) but most of the female staffs called me “Boy” (coz I look young and adorable?). And officially from last week I am literally the new “Boy Boss” of the pharmacy.

Okay that’s what I called myself anyway. My boss got transferred. So now I am at the helm steadying the ship and avoiding the icebergs while waiting (hopefully) for a new captain to come abroad. Felt so weird being boss to a group of people much much older than me.  I went for my first department heads meeting today – and yay I was also the youngest around. Really makes me feel twenty-six is so far away...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011





这老兄蛮友善的,偶尔会在药剂部领药时与我交谈。我记得他因为他不只个子高大 - 血压胆固醇体重血糖也很高。








Sunday, January 16, 2011




我在这小镇常常闹纳闷,无聊, 叽里咕噜埋怨多多,但不知为何却不善用这多余的时光分享生活点滴心声。 可能没心情吧。

这几天,天空好像失恋了,乌云密布, 倾盆大雨陆续下了好几天。 有云儿逗它笑,也是偶尔的两三个时辰, 很快它又转换回阴蒙的心情。可怜的人们得受天的气。




Saturday, January 08, 2011

Trip up north (2)

As much as I had heard about our friendly neighbour Brunei Darulsalam, I had no conception on how it looked like. Does it resembles Singapore? or Malaysia? or a unique place by itself? Well, at last now I got my answer.


I guess it reads “Welcome to Brunei?”

Bandar Seri Bagawan was a 2 hours car-ride away from Miri. The main reason we went there? To eat the famous Escapade Sushi!


So-so from the outside


But classy inside! And the sushi… is just so scrumptious and fresh.


Other places we visited include this very golden museum. Most of the exhibits here are gold plated and no photos allowed. This is what they call oil rich…


As rich as Brunei is, there are also people living on wooden water villages where their main mode of transport are water taxis aka sampans and speed boats.


A magnificent mosque in downtown Bandar:


A shopping mall


And a six-star high class hotel


My favourite pic of the day: dolphins dropping by the hotel adn swimming towards the horizon. Hope you liked it too.


Friday, January 07, 2011

Trip up north

The last time i was in Miri, it was a 3-hours space filler enroute from Kuching to Mukah. But this Oil Town impressed me enough to warrant a longer ‘official’ visit.

So after the New Year trip to Sibu, Miri became the destination of my 2nd trip.

This is a bird’s eye view of Miri atop Canada Hill. Miri is quite big and it felt like Kuching away from Kuching. Only that it is hotter.


The colourfully decorated trees along Jalan North Yu Sheng, one of the main streets of Miri.


Miri has a lot of beautiful beaches just a short drive from the city centre, for example this esplanade beach.


And their public parks are much more well maintained compared to those in Kuching. This pic is taken at the Taman Awam park.


This is the Grand Old Lady of Miri, which is a must-visit icon. It is the site of the first on-shore oil well in Miri. 


And here is the friendly sea-horse, the mascot of Miri city. Looks similar to Singapore’s Merlion.


Food wise, nothing too spectacular but all the same very nice. They have this nice dish called Lalapan:


And also delicious grilled fish.


And yes, not to forget about dim-sum which will put all the dim-sum joints in Kuching to shame.


Of course a trip to Miri wouldn’t be complete without a trip to their friendly next-door neighbour, Brunei. Since there’s so many photos in this post, Brunei will be up in next =).

Last of all, thanks to all my dear friends in Miri who makes this trip fun and memorable.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

New year 2011

New year 2011 was ushered in in a burst of fireworks under the long shadows of Wisma Sanyan, the tallest building in Sarawak. 


For those unfamiliar with Sarawak, Wisma Sanyan is in Sibu, which in turn, is the nearest big town from Mukah.

The fireworks was preceded with a yummy New Year eve dinner, karaoke session and some lovely fruit dessert.



New Year morning 2011 started with a long queue to get a taste of Sibu’s famous Tomyam Hung Ngan.


The source of the 30-minute wait and the need to play waiter in bringing the food to your own table:


Tastes delicious, albeit probably Ajinomoto induced as resulted in half day long polydipsia.

New year dinner in turn consists of a huge plate of pineapple rice, crunchy soft shell crabs and sinful banana pancake.




So yeah theme for the New Year: Food, food and more food. Not a bad way to start a new year =)