Friday, August 31, 2012

55th Merdeka


This was how we celebrate Merdeka in Mukah – with a convoy of flag waving cars parading around the city - which made into the news (again).


Early in the morning, the staffs were already very semangat sticking and assembling flags big and small on their vehicles:


And these are the stunning results:




This was exactly what I think about it (as printed on paper):


There is no need for fiery rhetoric nor need to remind people about your ‘sacrifice’ for the nation. Sincere sacrifice does not need reminding or self-trumpeting.

What we need are just simple acts to express and infect others with the feeling of pride and joy for being part of the great nation called Malaysia, and nothing can bring forth the pride more than waving the Jalur Gemilang.

A few I know scoffed at the need of all those flag buying and waving frenzy. They opined that patriotism is from the heart. With due respect, I agree with their reasoning but then flag waving is more than just superficial action – it is the act of sharing and celebrating the independence day together. And the togetherness in celebration is what it is really about.

Happy Independence Day Malaysia!