Monday, September 03, 2012

Goodbye Mukah


The end comes unexpectedly – a phone call, an order and its goodbye.

Come 10th September, I will swap my homely office where friendly staffs joget-ing right in front -


with a room in this newly built, faraway office.


I will also be having a career change from being an all-action outpatient/inpatient/managing pharmacist to a pencil pushing, decision making, office sitting administrator.

Mukah Hospital had been a fulfilling and excellent learning ground. It was exactly the place – small but big enough,  moderately equipped but complete enough to hone the necessary managing skills. The ample amount of free time and lack of hedonistic distractions also provided an opportunity to contemplate and self-improve.


It was also my experimental ground – having a go at implementing new programmes, machines and ways of doing things. Some flopped, but most are successes. I found out what I cared most about – emphasis on quality/professional work, excellent customer service and innovation. I dared to say that I had grown bigger, stronger and better here.


1. Quality/professionalism encompassed everything from leadership skills down to the packing display of medications.


2. Customer service does not only mean excellent counter service – but also involves interaction and education  with the customers.


3. Innovation and research is the new frontier – finding novel ways to do things and sharing those findings is fulfilling.


The thing I will miss most in Mukah are my staffs. They provide unwavering support, enthusiasm and happiness at work. Without them, a lot of things can’t be done. How I wish I can import them to Kuching.


Home is now… just a house.


Goodbye… and thanks for the memories.

Friday, August 31, 2012

55th Merdeka


This was how we celebrate Merdeka in Mukah – with a convoy of flag waving cars parading around the city - which made into the news (again).


Early in the morning, the staffs were already very semangat sticking and assembling flags big and small on their vehicles:


And these are the stunning results:




This was exactly what I think about it (as printed on paper):


There is no need for fiery rhetoric nor need to remind people about your ‘sacrifice’ for the nation. Sincere sacrifice does not need reminding or self-trumpeting.

What we need are just simple acts to express and infect others with the feeling of pride and joy for being part of the great nation called Malaysia, and nothing can bring forth the pride more than waving the Jalur Gemilang.

A few I know scoffed at the need of all those flag buying and waving frenzy. They opined that patriotism is from the heart. With due respect, I agree with their reasoning but then flag waving is more than just superficial action – it is the act of sharing and celebrating the independence day together. And the togetherness in celebration is what it is really about.

Happy Independence Day Malaysia!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Seoul Food

The term “Seoul food” is overused, but then it’s hard to find a substitute as it encapsulate the essence of the food here perfectly.

IMG_5585 IMG_5988 

Perhaps we were famished due to the long flight and cold weather, but I thought that our first meal at Seoul was tastiest. It was quintessential Korean food: Kimchi ramen, cheese tteokbokki (spicy rice cake) and kimbap, with a side of kimchi and cured radish.  The rice cake… was the best I had tried in my life, way superior than the one sampled in Kuching or Melbourne.

We got so infatuated with the rice cake that we had it for another 3 times. =)



Then there’s also the Korean BBQ, which we also savoured… 3 times.



Of course, Seoul is not just about the BBQ and kimchi, there’s also the colourful bibimbap;


the ginseng chicken soup and pancake

IMG_5800  IMG_6075

tasty fried chicken – original and sweet & sour


and the food I found most interesting was.. real egg cake!

IMG_6250 IMG_6255

Monday, May 21, 2012

Seoul Trip (6)

Day 6, May 21 (Monday)

The second last day of our Korea trip started in a very Ahjumma fashion – a trip to the fish market. But it was not just any fish market but the largest in Seoul.

The smell of fish was so strong that it was the first thing that greeted us when we disembarked on that particular train stop.


It was really humongous and sold a huge variety of live and swimming seafood. Octopuses can be seen slithering from a cramped aquarium to another, and there were the occasional splashes from fishes escaping their fate.


The creatures on the white tray are the unfortunate prey we chose for our brunch. God bless their soul, they were delicious.


The beauty of the place is that once you have chosen your meal, the fishmonger will direct you to an adjacent eatery which will prepare your meal according to your liking, including syabu-syabu style:


The next ahjumma thing we did that day was shopping at LotteMart.


I came to believe that LotteMart had shoppers in a spell to purchase and purchase in bulk. They are so sure you will do just that by providing huge boxes where you are pack your shopping yourself and send them back home in a plane. Or in our case, a taxi. Real thoughtful.


We finally became our youthful and fashionable self late evening with a trip to the Gingko tree lined streets of Sinshadong. Sinshadong was touted to be the place where the young and trendy hang out, and the place didn’t disappoint,  with beautiful coffee houses, boutique shops, people and cars.


The street was just busting with colours and characters that I can’t resist snapping away. The coffee shops were really standouts. There were just so many of them, each with their own style and feel. How I wish I can just sit and let the atmosphere seep in the as my coffee steep in their dainty cup everyday!









Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seoul Trip (5)

Day 5.  May 20 (Sunday)

Winter Sonata not only propel Korea into our consciousness, but also made this place into a tourist hotspot.

Before all the drama hype, the self governed island of Naminara was a quiet idyllic place to unwind and relax. But now, it became a must-visit shrine for the drama’s followers.


And for our fifth day in Korea, we took a 2 hours plus journey in order to trace the decade long steps of Winter Sonata’s star-crossed lovers.


Apparently, 10 years was too long a time past and the location of their purported first kiss offered no flashback to the actual scene in the drama. 


But at least Koreans are thoughtful enough to have their kissing pose cast in bronze, albeit it was surprisingly located at a different place.


The breathtaking tree-lined path in the drama was intact, despite it being in a different hue. Unfortunately, there was just too many fans like us which negate any romantic feel.


However the whole island was indeed a very beautiful place, perfect to de-stress and enjoy an idyllic afternoon siesta;


or high tea.


Even the shops are decorated with colourful flowers.


Night time saw us returning to the bright lights of  Myengdong for window shopping again, as well as a visit to the majestic Myengdong cathedral.



And that concludes day 5, which with the end of the journey creeping up with increasing speed. =(