Sunday, February 07, 2010

Throw of a dice

Been looking at the map of Sarawak recently. As you know, Sarawak is a very big state and there’s a lot of small towns that I know roughly where it is but not exactly where it is.


For example places like Simunjan, Betong and Long Lama exists in Sarawak. Heard about it before? Hell, its not even in the map above.

Why the sudden interest? Well in 3 months time I will be randomly assigned to any of the places on the map to work there for at least two years. We don’t have the luxury to choose, as this is what the govt termed as ‘Khidmat Negara’ or ‘Service to the Nation’ postings. My next 2 birthdays will probably be celebrated in some jungle or longhouse or next to a river.

In two months time someone high up will throw a dice..


and this will be how the Sarawak map look like for me.


Wonders how will lady luck treat me..

There’s just 10 more weeks to go before I finish my PRP training. Going to be fully registered and sent away soon. Starting my 4 week round in Nephro tomorrow. Damn time flies..