Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm back (again)

Hope nobody miss me during the past two weeks. =P I had been absent coz was holidaying in Singapore.

It was a fantastic 12 day trip that saw us visiting nearly every nook and corner of the small dot.

Singapore esplanade

The view had been breath-taking, the shopping exhaustive, the food interesting and the experience thought-provoking.

The downside it burned a big hole in my pockets and created a big bulge in my stomach. So bad that I had to buy a skipping rope to trim down.

Further highlights on my trip to come later. Now very busy doing things for my club.. Sorrie...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year Resolutions

Of course, every new year is inexplicably started with the drawing up of another new year resolution. Never mind that the resolutions of the previous year, and the year before that, and the years and years before were never fully fulfilled. A new year is never complete without the drafting of new plans and decrees, often written with gross overestimation of one's capability.

However, after drawing up resolutions year in year out, I had managed to increase my level of adherence to my new year resolutions, albeit only a bit.

Here's a list of my resolutions last year and how I fared.

1. Have a wider circle of friends: Merit
- managed to make new friends in 2007, which is a tremendous achievement. However, still lacks in confidence to really take the first move to make friends.

2. Improve relationships with current friends: Fail
- don't think really make any inroads here.. perhaps suffering from second-year syndrome, where people started to have their head stuck in books most of the time and spend more time pursuing their own dreams. Should had made more effort.

3. Obtaining good results: Pass
- results are okay, albeit not really 'flying with colours'. Always room for improvement, but realise that results doesn't really meant much anymore. As long as can maintain a high distinction average is good enough. There are better uses for my time.

4. Social obligations: Merit
- managed to attend social gatherings and free lectures in and out of campus, with is a good achievement. Been to lecture by Nobel Prize winner Barry Marshall, which is very insightful and worth the trip. Learnt hip-hop and were involved in club activities, which were fun!

5. Physical well-being: Distinction
- manage to run a record 4.4 km without stopping, and is able to sustain for at least 2km on the treadmill. Improve in resistance exercises too. Involved and improved in all kinds of sports: basketball, soccer, ping-pong and badminton. Lost 4 kg.

6. Religious obligation: Merit
- been able to celebrate Vesak day, been to the temple for 3 times throughout the year, and managed to eat vegetarian food for lunch for two straight weeks. Big improvement from last year.

7. Financial: Merit
- reached my goal of earning at least $1000 for the year, as well as keeping tab of my spendings, albeit only for a month.

8. Career: Distinction
- improved my CV with tenure as a Vacation Scholar in Uni, where I also managed to have contacts with various lecturers, administrators and phD students. Learnt a lot on research and is waiting for my first ever publication to make it in scientific journals.. keeping my fingers crossed.

Well overall, I managed to score 2 Distinctions, 4 Merits, 1 Pass and 1 fail for my eight resolutions in 2006. Not a bad year... =) Now are trying to draft new resolutions for 2007. Hopefully the resolutions turn out well too this year.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's 2007!

Another year being ushered in.

Bye 2006.

Hello 2007.

May this year be better than the last.

Happy New Year!

I will resume blogging in a fews days. Now still holiday mode. Tata!