Friday, December 15, 2006

Revenge of the Fats

This will be my last post before I return to Malaysia for a holiday.

For the slightly pudgy or heavy set guys or gals out there, had you ever felt jealous for those who seems to be able to eat a lot without gaining fat? Well, I did. It was like, damn, I eat lotz of veggies, less fatty foods, exercise everyday and is still slightly over, especially once I slacked off I little bit, and these uber-thin guys can eat all the junk food they can consume and still be thin.

But now I can be grateful: at least my body is able to send me warning signs so that I think twice before hitting the chips, not like those once-I-felt-jealous-for guys. Scientists found out that many people slim on the outside are actually storing up dangerous layer of internal fats, and their health are more at risk compared to those who looked fat. Whats more, those slim people carry the large fat deposits around their vital organ, meaning higher risks of stroke and aneurysm etc - a potential double whammy.

So slim people, before you laugh and scoff at those salad eating, threadmill puffing guys, think again. You might regret it. They may will be laughing beside your sickbed in a few years time.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another Melbourne Wonder: Brighton

In contrast to Footscray which I had written in a previous post, Brighton is a totally different place.

It's famous for its beach, which is a marvellous sight, as well as a row of little colourful picturesque beach houses which dotted the beach (refer pic, the very small colourful row in the middle).

Obviously, it's also a place for the rich guys too, full of castle-like houses or mansion such as this:

One of the houses even have the audacity to name itself after the presidental dwelling of the mightest country in the world: USA

There are some rather funny street signs too, which I found one to be rather misplaced:

Instead I felt that the school should be located in this street:

The relocation in my opinion will greatly enhance the preformance of the students academically, since they will be getting rid of the 'distraction'..

Overall, Brighton is a nice, high classy type of place with a very European or British feel. It's close to the beach full of scantily clad girls too.. wouldn't mind relocating there after I had made lots of money..

And speaking of money, I just received my first ever salary: a cheque worth $1000. I'm feeling rich and rather generous right now.. (hint hint..)

To sign off, I would like to record a birthday dedication to four of my pals: Yang Yaw, Herng Yee, Ru Hui and Alvin. I don't know whether they read my blog or not, but Happy Birthday all the same! Best wishes for reaching the magical 21!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Little wonders of Melbourne: Footscray

This post is supposed to be up by last weekend, but due to the stupid-ness and lame-ness of the Internet connection at my home, I had to postpone this and do it here right now in the uni.

I'm now currently working on a project on pharmacy advertisements. Basically, my job is simple: go and look at pharmacies around Melbourne. So in the last few days, been to places around Melbourne that I had never stepped foot on.

One of the suburb that I found unique was Footscray.

Footscray has the moniker of Little Vietnam in Melbourne, and the place is really teeming with Vietnamese and I suppose should feel like Vietnam. There's a shopping centre called Little Saigon and all the stores along the street have Vietnamese signage beside English. In fact, you will never know you are in Australia here until you saw the travel agencies: coz all they advertise is cheap flights and special discounts to Vietnam.

At first sight, the Veitnamese all look like Chinese. Their food looks like Chinese food, and even their shopping centres bear a remarkable resemblance to stores in Kuching, especially the stores in Batu Kawah New Township.

Cheap, all-in-one jack-of-all-trades shops

This is the first time I saw this in Melbourne and it caught me by surprise. In fact, I always thought that sugar cane juice is only available in Malaysia!

Melbourne is indeed a truly diverse city. Every suburb has its own uniqueness and taste that gives you the impression that you had travel to different parts of the world by just hopping on the train. Amazing.

Childhood love revisited

On Sunday the doctor wannabe OWL surprisingly brought a LEGO robot.

Not to be outdone, the pharmacist wannabe yours truly counter-act and brought a LEGO robot of his own on Monday.

And his robot has to be bigger and better to do this:

Hey little guy, take this! Wham!

Sounds lame..

I never thought I will buy another LEGO set. Even though I am LEGO mad during my childhood years, I am now too old for that. Even the boxes the LEGO came with stated that it is for 7-14 years old. But I justified my action by believing that there is a typo on the box. The "-" between the number should be "+". Then it reads 7+14 years old = 21 years old! Clever rite?

Well, OWL have plans to get more to counter my bigger-than-his robot. Guess the number of robots will perpetuate.. but my point is, whether you are a doctor wannabe or pharmacist wannabe or whatever wannabe, there is always a child in you... so why not let you child come out and play?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The product of boredom

It was a pretty boring day at the office today. After numerous sojourns to the cafe for water and coffee or the undergrad room to watch the ongoing Ashes series, I decided to abuse the ultra fast uni provided Internet connection to surf for some interesting stuffs.

Here's the most amazing information I had managed to glean in my spare time:

While sitting at your desk make clockwise circles with your right foot. While doing this, draw the number '6' in the air with your right hand.
Your foot will change direction.

It's incredibly true. Tried and tested by yours truly. Have fun!

Sourced from