Monday, September 03, 2012

Goodbye Mukah


The end comes unexpectedly – a phone call, an order and its goodbye.

Come 10th September, I will swap my homely office where friendly staffs joget-ing right in front -


with a room in this newly built, faraway office.


I will also be having a career change from being an all-action outpatient/inpatient/managing pharmacist to a pencil pushing, decision making, office sitting administrator.

Mukah Hospital had been a fulfilling and excellent learning ground. It was exactly the place – small but big enough,  moderately equipped but complete enough to hone the necessary managing skills. The ample amount of free time and lack of hedonistic distractions also provided an opportunity to contemplate and self-improve.


It was also my experimental ground – having a go at implementing new programmes, machines and ways of doing things. Some flopped, but most are successes. I found out what I cared most about – emphasis on quality/professional work, excellent customer service and innovation. I dared to say that I had grown bigger, stronger and better here.


1. Quality/professionalism encompassed everything from leadership skills down to the packing display of medications.


2. Customer service does not only mean excellent counter service – but also involves interaction and education  with the customers.


3. Innovation and research is the new frontier – finding novel ways to do things and sharing those findings is fulfilling.


The thing I will miss most in Mukah are my staffs. They provide unwavering support, enthusiasm and happiness at work. Without them, a lot of things can’t be done. How I wish I can import them to Kuching.


Home is now… just a house.


Goodbye… and thanks for the memories.