Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Down Memory Lane

Last week, my mum uncovered something interesting: a yellow manila folder containing each and every one of my primacy school semester exam papers.

This was the very first semester exam I set for, nearly 17 years ago.


Chinese Language. 11 May 1992.  Not a bad start.


Mathematics. 12 May 1992. Oops. A bit downhill.


Moral Education. 13 May 1992.  Getting worse.

If you doubt the authenticity, here’s the prove that it’s really my paper. Notice my name? And the year?


Hmm was there only 3 subjects? I didn’t remember much about the first semester exams. Guess it was too long ago. The only thing I remember about it was the aftermath.

The whole class was sitting down in groups around square tables. Along each side of the table there was a long chair which seats two student each. Yeah, that’s how we were sitting last time,  8 students to a square.

The teacher was asking the class. “Who do you think got 1st place in class?” Names were brandied around . I remember suggesting a name (alas, I forgot who). The teacher shook her head. Then a guy named Alan say out my name. And yes its me! Haha that’s why I remembered it clearly I guess. But then, the innocent me never really thought about academic excellence. It’s more like enjoying what I was studying. It was much later, I think in primary 3 or 4 when I started to have that academic competitive edge.

But I do remember the semester 2 exams in Primary One. I was down with measles that time, so I only went to the exam one week after. I had the exam in the staff room, sitting next to my form teacher on her table. I had curious teachers looking at me. One even ask my form teacher “is this your son?”

Come to think of it, I remembered quite a number of events and incidents that happened in primary one. Like who was sitting next to me and my impression of him (I thought he was quite scruffy because he was picking his nose). He also forgot to bring his pencil box, so I lent him a pencil. I remembered the girl who peed in class and the guy who excreted faeces in class. I remembered who is the class monitor. The name of the teacher. The girl who was accused of stealing from the canteen etc.

Can’t believe 17 years had passed since then. It was like reminiscing the start of a marathon when I had already passed the finishing line. But it was fun. Anyway I thought I just wrote it down here so that I can reflect upon it in the event I got dementia or amnesia later in life. Memories carved in words.

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