Thursday, October 29, 2009


Taking an exam is just like playing the roulette. You spend as much as you can afford on as many numbers as possible and fervently hope upon your lucky stars that the silver ball rest upon a number you choose.


An element of luck is needed together with all the hard work you chipped into it, especially in assembling the money.

For those caught in the feverish exam mood, I wish you best of luck. May the exam gods smile on you, and you in turn, walks out of the exam hall with a foolish grin on your face and be promptly spanked.


If your luck is in the dumps, oh well, go find a four leaf clover to put under your bed and have a nice dream. You won’t fail. The Uni loves to boast having a 99.9% passing rate.

Anyway, just good luck and all the best!

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