Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday morning

It’s such a luxury to be able to turn off the alarm and go back to warmth of the bed. Especially on a Monday morning when its raining cats and dogs outside. And knowing the rest of your colleagues need to wake up and go to work. Pretty evil thought.

Woke up nine something with the sun still refusing to rise and the rain still drizzling down. At last having some contented sleep after working for 7 straight days! Been working over the weekend 730am – 430pm doling out pills for the sick.  Busy but contented and for the first time saw a pretty sick girl! Okay that sounds very wrong. Should be a pretty girl who is sick =p Hell, I started to think pretty girls don’t get sick.

Went all the way in the rain over to the Post Office in Pending to collect a parcel. Tada I have a Christmas present!


So anyway its the afternoon now and the day is still dark. What to do, monsoon season. Intends to spend the rest of the day deciding what cookies to make for CNY. All thanks to this book with all its deliciously beautiful pictures:


Should I do this for CNY?


Going out later to buy all the ingredients ^^. In the meantime I will enjoy the sights of the stunning Kim TaeHee in the Korean drama IRIS. Over a cup of steaming hot coffee. Okay now I start to feel guilty over all these lazing around. I will try to read about renal stuffs soon. Going to the nephro ward in Feb. And yes about writing out my new year resolution…

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