Monday, April 12, 2010

Sometimes life is just unfair

The impetus to write is just not there. Along the way, work and other perceived more important stuffs took central stage, devouring the time that should be spent writing, cooking and doing something I like.

Sometimes I wonder is work the central theme of my life?

Today I got some time to sit down and reflect. A virus had finally got to me, and for the 2nd time in the entire year, I was forced to take a leave.

This week will be the final week of my provisionally registered pharmacist year. Come Friday, I will have officially finished one whole year of tutelage and be primed and ready to face the challenge of being a fully fledged pharmacist, most likely in the district area.

Come what may, a few people had wondered why I was reluctant to appeal and try anything whatsoever to stay in Sarawak General Hospital, or somewhere else in Kuching. Wouldn’t it be easy and convenient?

It may sounds stupid and crazy, but I staunchly believed that it was people like me, sponsored by the tax-payer’s money who should be the first to raise a hand and say “I will go”. It should be a honour to go to the rural district, serving the people there who needs our help most.

People who where sponsored solely by their parents, especially those overseas who were forced by the rules to work in compulsory service for four years, are those whom I think should be given the choice of cities they want to serve in. Forcing them to serve the government is already an encroachment of their freedom, and further forcing them to serve in the district? Standing from their shoes, it is hard not to see how unfair the whole situation is. Their parents paid the most taxes, used up half a million ringgit to finance their education, and instead of being cash cows, they were forced to spend the prime of their lives in district hospitals. I felt sorry for them.

A lot of fellow provisionally registered pharmacists are also thinking of ways to go back to their hometown or at least be given a place in a hospital where there are easier flights to get home. Of course I agree that home is where the heart is. But well, we are in the health profession. We are supposed to be compassionate, to be self sacrifying, to reach out to those who needed us most. Well maybe we all have different motives...

Life is so unfair. And to make it worse, we have too many people who only thinks about their own benefits.

My two cents worth.


Chu Jie said...

well said, i cudn't agree more.

and congrats for finally going to be a legal pharmacist! i'm sure u'll be great ^^

how're u boon phiaw?

changyang1230 said...

That's very noble of you. And congrats to you! :)

Phiaw said...

Wah still got ppl read my blog? i'm surprised haha. me been very busy but now lucky is sick so can take a break. Sometimes too workacholic.

Anyway I had toned down n edited this post la..a bit too strong last time round =p