Monday, February 21, 2011

Kuching revisited 古晋重游篇

Going to Annah Rais longhouse is fast becoming an annual ritual.


This was March ‘09:


March ‘10:

“Changyang if you are reading this, where’s the pix? =)”

February ‘11:


But this time we are more adventurous, even attempted successfully  to cross this rickety two-planks-wide (narrow would be a better word) bridge.


Perhaps it had to do with the destination at the end: a cool refreshing river, which was too inviting to resist on a hot blustery day.


Or was it false courage from the Tuak?


With a surplus of adrenaline steering our decision-making, (and also clouding the route identification skills of a certain Kuchingnite), we decided to go to this place next:


A beautiful, peaceful place to relax. Look closer and you will see pink lotuses floating serenely.


Look closer still, just beneath you feet and you will see


Yeah, its a real crocodile. And not only one, but thousands of them, because this is Jong’s Crocodile Farm.


Tell all your macho friends, we farm crocodiles here in Sarawak. Aren’t we brave?

Besides these places we also cover all the usual food and drinks and city walks which I think I had written about in previous years.

But we do did something out of the ordinary, thanks to KY’s Padini card. Half price member’s exclusive discounts are too hard to resist, especially if someone has The Card.


We may be at the wrong side of twenty, but we are still young at heart =)


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