Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seoul Trip (5)

Day 5.  May 20 (Sunday)

Winter Sonata not only propel Korea into our consciousness, but also made this place into a tourist hotspot.

Before all the drama hype, the self governed island of Naminara was a quiet idyllic place to unwind and relax. But now, it became a must-visit shrine for the drama’s followers.


And for our fifth day in Korea, we took a 2 hours plus journey in order to trace the decade long steps of Winter Sonata’s star-crossed lovers.


Apparently, 10 years was too long a time past and the location of their purported first kiss offered no flashback to the actual scene in the drama. 


But at least Koreans are thoughtful enough to have their kissing pose cast in bronze, albeit it was surprisingly located at a different place.


The breathtaking tree-lined path in the drama was intact, despite it being in a different hue. Unfortunately, there was just too many fans like us which negate any romantic feel.


However the whole island was indeed a very beautiful place, perfect to de-stress and enjoy an idyllic afternoon siesta;


or high tea.


Even the shops are decorated with colourful flowers.


Night time saw us returning to the bright lights of  Myengdong for window shopping again, as well as a visit to the majestic Myengdong cathedral.



And that concludes day 5, which with the end of the journey creeping up with increasing speed. =(