Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pure carelessness or something else?

Sarawak Tribune, the daily which had been my window to the world ever since i can read, had became famous...all for the wrong reasons. Guess you all knew about it... unless you are really really too 'engrossed' in your holidays...

Well, my mum discovered something interesting about the alleged publication that got the now demised daily mired in such HOT soup.. which i thought is pretty interesting too. The caricature of Prophet Muhammed published in S'wak Tribune is as a complement to a main article titled: Cartoon not much impact here. What is interesting is that in the article by AFP, it was reported in one para that 'Karzai (Afghan president Hamid Karzai) also welcomed the sacking Wednesday of an editor of French newspaper France Soir for reproducing the images first published in Danish daily Jyllands-Posten last year. '

I wonder how such an esteemed editor like Melanyi, who cut his teeth as a reporter for Sarawak Tribune and Malaysian Today, can oversee such a glaring statement without thinking about the consequence of publishing the caricature.. he is as good as digging his own grave.. or perhaps there is something more sinister behind it? I tend to think that it is the former reason that the caricature got published... one careless mistake is all it take to send 70+ employees out of job temporarily, as well as forcing the resignation of the chief editor. Guess have to learn the moral of the story: Never be careless in whatever you do.. the consequence of one mistake may be greater than you think. Take heed.

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