Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Doddles Smorgasbord

Uni life is in full swing now, with me entering week 5 of studies this week. I simply do not have enough time to find some interesting things to write about, so let me entertain you with some of my musings over the past week when I had been absent from blogsphere.

Eight things I learnt during the week:

1. Remembering names

I found it hard to remember people's name when I was introduce to them for the first time. This should not be a problem because I know the theory behind remembering names: (1) make an association; (2) sincerely get to know them. Hmm..Is it that I'm not paying enough attention? Or is it as I suspected all along, that I don't have any interest in really getting to know people?

2. Trying too hard

Is there something such as over-trying? Like you really wanted to learn something but ended up not learning anything because you try too hard wanting to learn something? Like me learning Hip-Hop... Food for thought..

3. Wonders of the human mind

Been to a public lecture on stem cells today and was deeply impressed with the level of knowledge and ingenuity of the presenters. Their minds are simply brilliant. Got me thinking.. been studying in uni for nearly 2 years.. that's nearly half of my undergrad degree, but why am I still not feeling that I'm knowledgable and know in depth about the field that I'm specialising in? Why I still have no answers to all the questions that's ringing in my head?

4. Wikipedia is a wizard

Been addicted to the medical drama House for the entire weekend, watching 8 episodes. It may be a cardinal sin for a pharmacist to enjoy a medical movie but..hey there's still no drama about pharmacist.. The terminologies of the diseases in House is sometimes so foreign that an encyclopedia is needed to define all of the terms. This is when I started to appreciate Wikipedia. Makes learning new things so easy.

5. Dan Brown is a genius

Spend the bulk of the week reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. This guy is definitely a genius in writing. I cannot put the novel down at all. The urge to start another chapter or turn another page is just so irresistable. Much much better than Rowling's Harry Potter series. Uh-huh if you don't know who is Dan Brown.. he wrote da Vinci Code.

6. A long weekend makes the rest of the week feel short

A three day weekend can do wonders. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday seems to fly off at the speed of light if I have Monday off. Usual 5-day week is such a drag.

7. Animals can fall in love too (and be heartbroken)

Never really believe that animals do have feelings until Freda relate the 'love' story of her German Shephard. Seems that he fell in love with a visiting "she-hound" and did not eat for 2 days afterwards due to lovesickness. Wow.. pity the lab mices.. wonder how do they feel being manipulated for medical purposes?

8. Being busy makes me feel that life is purposeful

Having things to do all week long and the feeling that you simply do not have enough time to do everything seems to make me happier. A week filled to the brim with assignments, lectures, meetings, social gatherings and such make me feel that there is a reason to life on, a purpose. Better than having nothing to do and regret wasting my time doing nothing later..

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