Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm still alive!

This is a post out of the blue.. Just like to take some time out from my monotonous study regimen to announce to the world: I'm still alive! Currently I'm halfway through my exams, and am already bored to death of studying. Here in Melbourne there is no late nite teh tarik or roti canai (those were the time in Shah Alam).. Now just being confined to my little apartment with nothing much to do except studying and feasting on unhealthy snacks like chocolates, ice-creams, jelly, tim-tams and chips...

Good news: I'm goin home in just 3 weeks! Couldn't wait..

I wanna see Zheng He again..

Or visit the China in Kuching..wonder how it would look after a year..

I wanna taste the food! Laksa, Kolo Mee, Kacang-ma, Lei Cha... couldn't wait..

(After thought) of course I miss my families and friends too... =P

A late birthday dedication to Casper too.. the guy who shared the same birthday as the great Wayne Rooney. Here's a picture of both of us way back when we are still young and innocent. Well, now we are still young, but more handsome. =) Casper is one of the nicest guy around, alwaz willing to help people. Good guy..happy birthday ghost!

Will restart my blogging after exams which is 6 Nov.. haha.. so lucky this year coz I finish the earliest. The rest will be still mired to their anxious thoughts and chained to their books then while I will be flying freey... Tata for now.

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