Friday, October 13, 2006

One year old! One year old!

Yeah. Without me realising it, my blog was officially one year old a few days back! It survived! Even though there are some near death experiences, the blog pulled through. Damn proud of myself. Happy birthday Thirteen! By the way, how am I supposed to celebrate my blog's very first birthday? I can't give it a cake or present..I dun wanna give it a facelift.. So I decided to do a competition: Post of the Year.

I was travelling down memory lane for the last couple of hours, shifting through all my posts in the blog. There are only around 50 of them. Most of them are ramblings and crazy midnight thoughts but I am proud of these few posts which I thought was pure inspiration. In fact I can't believe I wrote them. Haha. So I listed them as the finalist in Post of the Year. In case you never read them, the posts are:

1.The team that will win World Cup 2006
2.Life's a Pharm
3.Iron chef ala College Square
4.Snapshots of Melbourne

These are the posts that I really put in an effort to do. I felt that they are even better than KennySia's posts. So after you read them please vote-lah. Since I'm still computer-ly challenged, I can't figure out how to do a 'polling booth' so juz put it as comments. Thx.

Carry on my ramblings... Today was the unofficial last day of uni. It means my second year of study as a pharmacy student is at an end. It means that I am halfway through my undergrad degree. It means I am two years away from being a servant of Malaysia. Time really flies. I still need time to drink it all in. It seems so staggeringly unbelievable...

You know, everyday I walk for 20 mins to uni, and walk another long 20 mins back to my apartment. I once thought of counting the steps from my apartment to uni, and finally I managed to do it on Monday. The result: altogether, there are a total of 2512 steps. That means in a typical uni day, I would had taken a total of 5024 steps. In a week, that would be 25120 steps. I had 12 weeks per semester, so that is a total of 301440 steps. Till today, I had been through 4 semesters, so that equals to an astronomical 1205670 steps! 1.2 million steps taken to and from uni for the last two years! Thats quite a huge amount. Another unbelievable event.

How was my last day? Well, I was in quite a melancholic mood.. First, it is extremely hot. Second, the exam is 10 days away. Third, I got prac. Fourth, I am attending the last lecture of a professor who spent the last 44 years teaching in the uni. Wonder how he felt writing the last chapter in his thick book.. While clearing my locker, the thought struck me: how would I feel if I am in his shoes? A 44 year journey: that's easily more than half of a person's life. Will I be able to let go after all of this is over? Part of him must had died today.

To end today's post, here's the pic of the day.. just when I thought bad English is only prevalent in Malaysia... it seems that Australia is prone to the malady too. Talk about a global pandemic. Hope you can spot the mistake!

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youngyew said...

Hey, happy birthday thirteen 13!! Haha, yea, I agree with you that those posts are kinda inspired.. But to compare with KennySia... Eermm... Aahh... Haha...

By the way, is the word "off" the mistake that you wanted us to spot?