Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A taste of a diffrent life

Sometimes life can be monotonous. Routine. Boring.

And sometimes we wished for a different life. A life that is totally different from what we are living in now. Even for a moment.

I tasted a different life in Singapore.

Basically in Singapore, my life starts at 1pm, thanks to my cousin who need 2 hrs to apply her make-up. Then it's lunch time, followed by shopping. After that it's dinner time, followed by more shopping. When the shops close, its time to have entertainment and later supper till the wee hours of the next morning. Then the cycle begins again. Even though its quite routine, it's fun. Why? Because...

In Singapore, I shopped like there is no tomorrow. Of the eleven days I had been there, I shopped for eleven days. I think I am now an expert on shopping in Singapore.

In Singapore, I ate like there is no tomorrow. From Japanese sushi, Chinese Dim Sum, Kim Gary HK famous Cheese rice, Western Cuisine, Korean kimchi, Singaporean Frog Leg to McD Fan-tastic rice burger..

In Singapore, I had fun like no tomorrow... karaoke, watering holes, mahjong, night journeys to the every nook and corner of Singapore..

However, I think the main reason is that in Singapore, I met fun people. Fantastic people who knows how to have fun.

Suddenly, after Singapore, life in Melbourne and Kuching feels very dull.

I now know what I lacked in Melbourne. I need to start learning how to have fun. It will be fun in Melbourne this year.


Wee Loon ONG said...

Life in Kuching dull, that one I dunno lar (and I supposed it is lar!go row boat ony everyday who no sien wor:P) but then who says life in Melbourne dull wor, we never go out ony mar...this year must go out explore more d! haha...

heng Liang said...

u shouldn't make yr life in melb dull.. take it as a paid-for holiday. u should take advantage to enjoy more la.. or else u come back next time u need to pay for yrself lor.

crushedguava said...

that's because you were in Singapore for 11 days.

try being in Singapore for the whole year attending uni.

play more DotA la. ;p