Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Something incredibly amazing happened today.

I just did a presentation in front of 2 professors, 2 associate professors, numerous senior lecturers, lecturers and fellow students.

Little did I realised that I had to do that in front of them. I thought only a couple of lecturers and a few students will be attending.

It was only a presentation on the summer vacation project that I am still doing. As it was a stress free aka no marks presentation, I didn't really prepare as well as I usually did.

And it was like a bad nightmare when I saw the bigwigs coming into the lecture theatre one after the other.

As I stand in front of the lecture theatre readying myself, I can really felt my legs shaking uncontrollably and had to rest my hand on the rostum to steadied myself.

I was thinking "Oh sh*t, I better leave out the corny lines like 'each medical record tells a story of its own - there are sad compelling stories of bright young people had their lives slowly eaten away by malicious bugs and cancerous cell - giving me a chilling realisation this can happen to me too' from the speech. Which professor will want to listen to that?

Luckily the speech turned out well and this will go down as one of the most memorable and unforgetable experience of my Uni life. And yeah, I did deliver that corny line.

It was quite a humbling experience to have them hear me talk, but in a way, it was quite a moment to be proud of.

How many students can say that they had given a talk where former dean of the college, the head of a uni department and lecturers are the audience?

Pharmacically, it had been an eye-opening 6 post uni weeks for me. As part of the Ambassador programme, I was assigned a mentor to guide me in the field of community pharmacy. He was a real nice guy, and last Tuesday, he got a few pharmacy owners and pharmacists together with three of us ambassadors for a cruise down the Yarra river in his boat. The cruise was amazing, and even more so the experience and ideas shared by the pharmacists. They are all so enthusiastic and clever about their job and so full of interesting ideas for the future. What I had learnt from them in one night is more than what can be offered from the lectures in Uni.

Okay, I was exaggerating.

I had also learnt a lot about research and hospital pharmacy during my vacation scholarship. Priceless. Suddenly, the decision to forfeit a holiday back home for all these seems quite a wise decision.

I will try to resume blogging constantly after this week as I will finish my research on Friday. At last I will be free..


youngyew said...

I don't think that line is corny at all... It is really good. Anyway congrats for that presentation, hehe... :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha...it's a wee bit corny..=) 3301