Sunday, December 02, 2007


Stands for Guys Can Shop Too!

Girls' blogs always have details about their shopping exploits.

So I am doing one for the guys.

Yesterday I went shopping with Wee Loon and his gal Violet at Direct Factory Outlet Southern Cross Station.

This is the aftermath of the trip for me:

In the space of 4 hours, I managed to purchase 8 items of clohtings, each a very reasonable bargain.

Ok. Now lets get to the details of the buys:

First off I got there 2 summer teeshirts from my favorite store Essential Men for AUD$25. Their summer range is alwaz very hip and trendy. I grabbed those two because they are V-necked, hence can give an illusion that my unfortunately vertically challenged neck is longer then it really is.

Then I got these two hooded jackets from Giordano for AUD$20 apiece. I think they are a steal because they originally retailed at AUD$75 each. Actually I only wanted one but can't make up my decision which one to choose. So I brought both. =)

I purchased these two because of their uniqueness and I felt wearing them will be a very daring choice (and because they are cheap $10 and $7.5 respectively). Don't know whether I will actually wear them or not. Maybe I can just donate them to the Salvos later on if I change my mind about them..

I got the jumper for $7.50 from JeansWest which I think is damn cheap. It retailed for $39 last winter. The white jeans is from Oxford, only $30. Quite surprising they have my size because usually the only available sizes for bargains are >36 inches. Gonna keep them for next year. Now the weather is too hot for them.

In the end, our 4 hour trip ended uo with Wee Loon and me spending a combined total of AUD250 on clothings alone. Thats like RM750 in 4 hours. I think it is equivalent to someone's salary. And we did spent a lot of time in the changing rooms too, trying various patterns and sizes, not just grabbing them and swipe card.

Who say guys can't shop?

We are the new generation.

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