Thursday, October 09, 2008

Last day of uni

A mixture of emptiness and disbelief that time flew by so quickly.

That was it.

I was neither happy nor sad.

Just a bit dazed.

Throughout the entire week, I had been wondering what would I be feeling at that precise moment when the lecture say: "That's it. It's the end."

Now I knew.

This was be the last time four of us sat together in a lecture theatre. Gosh we had been sitting together for nearly four years.


The day started with a morning tea of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.


The theme is 80s, hence a number of people dressed up accordingly.


The last ever lecture of the entire 4 year course was given by Kevin McNamara. This was probably the only time a rock star was here to give us a lecture. He only lasted 20 minutes -


Before being replaced with a cowboy -


who was also giving his last ever lecture after a staggering 50 years at the campus.


It was quite an emotional speech (but he didn't cry!!) as he went through the changes in the campus in his half a century here and gave us some advice. At the end of the speech, everyone gave him a standing ovation.

It was apt that the lecturer who was the first to gave us a speech in orientation was there to gave us the last. It somehow bought a sense of closure to everything.

Well, now all that are left are 3 written paper and a prac exam.


khengying said...

OMG!! Memories memories.. I'm so gonna miss the days spent with all of u guys in school.. And yeah, phiaw phiaw, this is such a wonderful post again i have to say.. another thing, how come i dun remember we took a photo lidat in lecture theatre in 1st yr? and surprisingly, i was there LOL

freda said...

LOL. yea phiaw, well capped. except tat pic!! u had to remind me n everyone how HUGE my face is tea *blek*

yea...nostalgia... can't believe we sat thru those 4 years together, thru thick and thin. except the times when we were late =P

p/s: phiaw phiaw, i demand you change to a nicer pics of us (or me rather)!! LOL.

Phiaw said...

okie okie I took it down already..since there's no substitute photo. ^^