Saturday, October 18, 2008

Swot week

It had been of sorts, a very atypical swot week.

Usually I would spend the week before exam cloistered in the comfort of my room, using the previous time preparing for storm to come.

But this time it is so different.

For the first time in history, the week was punctured with some many fun days that I started to feel as if that the exams was already over. It all started last Sunday when a bunch of us decided to go shopping at Essendon DFO. It subsequently was followed by dinner at Boxhill and then movie at Knox City. So my study week really went off with a bang. If that was not enough, Wednesday saw us going off for dinner and then Gelati. Yesterday we went Karaoke, dinner then dessert at Brunetti.

But I didn't regret having all those fun because this will be probably the last few times we may see each other. Next year, everyone will be going their own ways pursuing their own dreams. As one of my friends said sometime this week, after this it can be either 再见 or 永別, meaning "see you again" or "goodbye forever". Friends are always more important than exams.

Keeping with the friends theme, it is also a bit of an emotional week as I said goodbye to a lot of people whom I may never cross path with again. Lucky that there's something like facebook and MSN nowadays. Nevertheless it had been really hard.

I also went library hopping to study this time round. I went with different libraries and studied with different people, and every time it is a different experience. I find that I can learn so much from other people, even though it was not academic-wise. Its a bit hard studying in the Uni library though, there's just too many people to catch up and speak to.

Even though my study speed had been a bit slower compared to previous years due to these "diversion", it was definitely sweet to spend swot week with friends around rather than by myself. Friends really makes the world go round and round and round...

And I will not regret my decision to spend my swot week this way.

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khengying said...

Hehehe I like the piece "Friends are always more important than exams." LOL High 5!!