Monday, December 22, 2008

Days we count before going home

Counting down the days before going home.15 days left. There's so much things to do until I don't know what to do - ended up doing nothing at all. There's just so many places to go and things to eat for one last time. Friends to meet. Things to pack. It's hard. Deciding what to throw away and what to keep. Everything seems to stir up some memories, be it bitter or sweet or in between.


Family was here for the past fortnight. Been a busy tour guide, dispensing all my Melbourne wisdom on them. Trying to share with them a piece of my experience. A snapshot of my world. A smorgasbord of food, places and people. Even the four seasons of Melbourne. Somehow Melbourne dispensed some winterish weather while they were here:


Cold and raining at Great Ocean Road;


Cloudy in Mornington; and


Sunny in Ballarat.

However quite happy that the animals treat us well this time round- there were an endless stream of penguins at the parade, a peacock showed us his proud feathers in Churchill Island and a Koala bear came down and greet us in the Koala Bear conservatory. Rare occurrences.

IMG_4113 IMG_4033

IMG_4071 IMG_4039

Today had a long hard look at my cert, taking my sweet time savouring every letter, every colour, every corner. Four years of hard work painstakingly double boiled and distilled into just this piece of paper 38cm x 27cm big. Yeah I was dead serious when I said I did savour every single drop of it.


At last now I can add B.Pharm (Hons) at the end of my name. It will officially be Kho Boon Phiaw B.Pharm (Hons). Come to think of it, my degree title looks like my name. Got B and P. Maybe I was destined to do pharmacy all the time.

Had a look at all the other certs I acquired also. Guess I was a typical Asian, always striving for that piece of paper. Most probably they won't be of any use, but at least each of them have a story to tell and can trigger some nice memories. It's the journey that matters. 


Now, its time to tie up all the loose ends. And hopefully leave with no regrets.

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