Sunday, December 14, 2008



It had been a hectic fortnight, starting with the 8 day trip to New Zealand, a day trip with Uni friends to Phillip Island and four days touring around Melbourne with my family. After a 10 hour sleep, at last I had time to sit down to reflect and write about the last important milestone of my university life - my graduation.

It had been raining the whole week in Melbourne, but luckily my graduation turned out sunny! It was gorgeous having blue sky and green grass as a graduation backdrop. Too bad the ceremony was held in the main campus, which is far away from Parkville.


Funny how the only physical end result of four years of hard work and toil was just a piece of paper that you can roll into a scroll and throw away somewhere on your desk.


And how the whole actual ceremony is just 1 hour long and the amount of time you spend on stage is a mere 10 seconds. It was hard condensing everything you had gone through in four years into such a limited amount of time.


I'm extremely thankful and grateful to my family and friends who made the long and arduous journey to Clayton for my graduation. It was touching having you all at my side taking photos and having this day frozen in time to be viewed and reviewed again in the future.


To all of you, I would like to say a very big thank you, Without the support and encouragement of all of you, I would not have this day in life. A big thank you to JPA too, who sponsored my whole education here.


And thanks for the presents and best wishes. Especially to my cousins who "shipped" all the goodies from Singapore.


I had acquired a few new pets in the process. I promised I will take good care of them. ^^


At last I'm ready to join the workforce and apply all I had learnt throughout my four years here to make the world a better place. Being in the health profession, I have hordes of ideas to empower people to take charge of their health and live a better life. Hopefully I have the opportunity to turn my vision into a reality.

I believed I had did everything I could in University and left with fond memories and no real regrets. It's time to close that chapter of my life and say Hi to a whole new world.


And true to the motto of Monash University - Ancora Imparo - I will strive on continuing my education in life. One can never stop learning.


Galahad said...

man, you should be happy and take it easy! it has been an emotional moment, but this is not the end of your life!! you've been a number one good friend for the past three years, and i will miss you too

GinnY said...

Good one ~ =)