Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A restaurant trip

Seems it was a long time since I put some photo in my blog. So here goes: a blog post with lots of photos.

A couple of months ago, I won 3rd prize in a slogan-writing contest and made it to the local daily.


The prize was a voucher for a complimentary dinner-for-ten;


at this high-class looking restaurant of a high-class looking hotel.


We were given a private room,


that had a huge table, so huge that it creaked and groaned whenever you put your arms on it.


Even the chairs were huge, as demonstrated by my sister.


It was a nine course dinner. The servings were large, as seen in the Cold Appetizer below:


Pan-fried beef with celery, sweet and sour prawns and tofu.


Mixed vegetables, honeydew chicken, mango fish.


The food was not bad. They came in quick succession, one after the after. Too quick, in fact. As if there’s no one else in the restaurant to serve.

Which turned out to be the case.


No other single soul was in the restaurant the entire night except us and the four waitresses serving us.

Didn’t realised that they were giving us the VVIP treatment. I thought only the filthy rich can reserve the whole restaurant. I can’t help imagining the cooks being there just to cook for us.

Now that’s exactly how you should treat a contest winner.

Okay enough of the photos. If you are interested in some of my pharmacy adventures, read the post below.


Ai Ling said...

Ai Ling says: Wow! Congrats!

Chin Fei says: Keep it up! Wish to see your face more in the newspaper!

esther dee said...

geez.. i see FOOD!!! *slurps*

Galahad said...

What is slogan writing competition sorry?