Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday @ Starbucks

Its yet another Saturday and I was yet at another Starbucks sipping yet another kind of frappucino and writing yet another blog post.The rain was crashing down in droves outside and its was chillingly cold inside.

It had been quite a hectic but enjoyable week. I pretty much like life in Outpatient Pharmacy, with its fast-paced quick fire mood and motley mix of interesting customers. I found out that after having 5 months working experience under my sleeves, I am way more confident this time round and can easily converse and mix with the staffs and customers.

What appalled me was the lack of customer service shown by a few of the pharmacists. They are too robot-like and focusing too much on the medicines  rather than the patients themselves. No smile on the face. No look into the eyes. Perhaps this thing should be really taught well in Uni. I think there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a grateful patient and having them praise you for your attitude.

To pharmacists to be out there, please remember, people who are sick needs a bit of reassurance, they want someone to show they care. A little praise here and there to keep them going. There is no harm done asking how they are coping, whether they are getting better, whether they have any concern with their meds. A little smile and care goes a long way. That’s what I believe.

Oh yeah by the way, i just cut my hair ^^


This is going to be relaxing long weekend, if not for the diabetes research. At last I will have the chance to go visiting and eat rendang and ketumpat again for Hari Raya! Missing this very Malaysian tradition in Melbourne.

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