Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday is baking day

Oh well, supposed to carry on with my diabetes research proposal today, but mum kept on insisting me cook something nice. So the whole morning went to doing these:


Shanghai Wo Tie.


Quite yummy besides the fact my brother made the dough a bit too thick, so the water didn’t penetrate in quite well.. that was not enough juice squirting into my mouth when i ate it.


Baked an Oreo cheese cake for my mum to bring to school and boast. Besides Oreo selling at the unbelievable price of RM2.19 in Ta Kiong, The Spring now. Usual retail price RM3.10. This time I baked it using a water-bath, so the colour looks nicer.

And here’s something I did for my own satisfaction coz dad been complaining no one was eating the apples.


An apple pie with cinnamon and lemon flavour.


Tasted just heavenly. Can’t believe it is this tasty. For the first time I liked the crust that I made.


For those who liked a bite, wish you were here. =P


Anonymous said...

Arghhhhhhhhhhhh..... FOOD!!!!!!
Such nice food...
U made those who are not-at-home atm crave for them T^T
Oreo cheese cake looks the best!!
Don forget to bake one for me if i get to go visit the CATS in KCH!! wahahaha!!!

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