Sunday, May 09, 2010

FRP and off i go

Effective 16th April, I’m officially a Fully Registered Pharmacist (FRP) in Malaysia. Meaning that, well, instead of being ordered to do work, I can now order people to do work. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t have much chance to do that.


In Malaysia, newly graduated FRP needs to do 3 years of “national service” for the country before you can go off and open your own shop or whatever. And this “national service” are more often or not in a place that is not your hometown.

Of course, if you are really unlucky (or lucky, depends on how you see it) you will get thrown into some obscure places like Daro.

It’s so rural that wikipedia only has a single paragraph description of it:

Daro is a district and small town in Mukah Division, Sarawak, east Malaysia. The nearest town to Daro is Matu. Daro is under the Majlis Daerah Matu-Daro (Matu-Daro District Council) which share the same council together with Matu. The population in Daro is estimated around 25,000, with Melanau making up the majority. There were ferries from Sibu to here, taking around two hours by using the channel of Rejang River.

and yeah, a boat is needed to get there. And there’s only one doctor in that whole place, there’s no 3G network (bye-bye iPhone) and I’ve never heard about the place in my entire life as a Sarawakian till now.

This will be a brand new exciting adventure. Perhaps fishing, farming and riding a bike will be my new hobbies soon.


changyang1230 said...

Hey if it has a population of 25,000, it's already twice the size of Bairnsdale! :P

Take care of yourself and remember to use a lot of mosquito-repellant equipments. :)

Ai Ling said...

ooh congratulations!now you're da boss! :)

p/s: why is there some scribbling on your picture??

Jolene Goh said... not try to get to mukah by road okay? Painful trip.

Can get fresh seafood in Daro.

good luck

Chu Jie said...

bit late, but congrats!