Sunday, May 01, 2011

Kaul Festival in pictures (1)


Kaul Festival is the most happening thing in Mukah. It is sort of a Melanau new year which was celebrated annually around April.


The festival was held at the Kala Dana beach, which was the halfway point of my 6km jogging route. It was fascinating watching day-by-day as they slowly transform what was a barren field into a festive ground:


From this (above) to that (below) and that (below the below :)

IMG_3544 IMG_3633

They had also constructed a huge stage,


which was filled to the brim with local dignitaries and normal people at the day of the festival.


And who else to officiate and grace the opening ceremony if not the current most famous Melanau son. The one with white hair and beautiful wife.


I was there early and the usually serene and quiet roads of Mukah was already starting to choke with the unusual barrage of vehicles. And fellow human beings.


And since this is the most happening thing in Mukah, I guess I had to write about it in a few posts to do justice to it. And to finish this post, my take on youths playing the tibau – the famous Melanau flying swing that I think most Chinese parents will scream when their kids wander near it. Another version of this picture by an official photographer made it to the front page of the Borneo Post.


Watch out for the next photo-laden post! =)

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LuNa said...

Hi, im a student and currently doing an event analysis project. The event which i analysis is the Kual 2011 that you had attended. Can i get the permission on use your kaul's photo on my report?
Thank you~