Sunday, May 22, 2011

The next mountain is always higher than the one I’m climbing

I always thought that my pharmacy in Mukah is a very nice place. Relaxing but challenging enough to keep me on my toes and my brains working. Not too modern but young enough to be comfortable. A pharmacy that have the potential to be first-class with a little bit of hard work.

Then I visited Hospital Sarikei.


It is also a district hospital, but at first sight, it was already Hosp Sarikei 1; Hosp Mukah 0.


Then as I went into the outpatient’s pharmacy waiting area. immediately, the score became 2:0.


Dispensing counter, 3:0


Arrangement of medications, orderliness, neatness, completeness, 4:0


Beauti-ness of the notice board and displays, 5:0


Well, I think I should stop here before it became a thrashing. In shortness, Hosp Sarikei is a dream hospital. It is big, new, have a relaxing feel, new computers and furniture. Pharmacy wise, it is well-run, systematic and beautiful.

At least after the trip, I had now a benchmark – a clear vision of what I want the pharmacy to be. And hence I should work harder =)

Lest I fail, there’s also the step as per saying “if you can’t beat them, join them”. I am now keeping Hosp Sarikei firmly in my sight as my next working destination if I got tired of Mukah one day.

But now, its to improve my pharmacy with renewed vigor!


changyang1230 said...

I suppose Sarikei is a bigger district than Mukah judging from the fact that I have heard of Sarikei before but not Mukah before you went there to work. This would mean that they have more funding for a bigger facility so it's probably not an even field to begin with.

Amanda said...


Very impressed on your insights about Mukah~ How are you doing over there? Can you give me a little head ups as I might be going to Mukah soon? Huhuhu! I am from Kuching as well.. A bit worried I am afraid~ If you could englighten me .. I would be so grateful! Thank you!