Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Of Bollywood, shoes and marrying a walking chimney

I leanrt Bollywood dancing today! At last I know how to dance like Shah Rukh Khan. It is fun, exciting and amazingly simple. And I think a great way to lose weight too. Like hip-hop last year, a 1-hour session is enough to make me sweat and feeling tired. And best of all, its free! I wonder why all those ppl in uni never bother to go to these few activities where you can have free entertainment, free lessons and free food. For me, it is always good to learn something new... and speaking of food.. all the specially prepared Indian food are simply delicious. I'm hopeless in naming them.. but there are morukku, roti-naan, tandoori chicken and a whole range of finger foods and sauces. Not to mention the apple-pineapple-orange fizzly drink punch! Really out of the world!

Been busy the whole week. Spent 4 hours at Melb Uni on Sat for a photography workshop. Then on Sunday, been to a practice run along the Yarra river. I managed to run more than 10 kms! So happy.. and speaking of running, my fren Wee Loon brought pair of new shoes for the run. For me, I could only be contented with an old pair of shoes thats so bad it requires bandages to keep it from falling off all together. Anyone wants to sponsor me a new pair of shoes? =P

My poor shoes.

Today, someone ask me a peculiar question: would you accept a girl who smokes as your galfriend?

I answered yes.

And I got a long, hard lecture in return. Seems that people thinks gals who smokes are inconsiderate, will give rise to defective babies, have short lives and is a 'black widow'.

I know smoking is bad, but that does not equal that people who smokes are bad. Sometimes I think we as human have the fallacy of setting our mindset too narrowly. We have what we considered a good behaviour code and frowned upon those who does not behave in a way that fits in the code. We always think that we are right and therefore others must also believe what we think as right being right. So convinced that we are of our mindset that we sometimes somehow missed the whole big picture. Open-mindedness. We need to be open-minded...right? Well, actually I dunno why I answered yes. I know I wanted to answer yes but I dunno the reason behind it. mind's so complicated...

So anyone has any opinion on this? =)

P/s: Damn I juz discovered See Hua had tagged me a total of 3 times in a day. That guy muz be too love-sick to think properly..

P/s2: Am currently reading a fabulously long and entertaining book: The secrets of Jin-Shei by Alma Alexander. Highly recommended that you read it.

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king ung said...

ur poor pink shoe..... sad.

aiks, see hua likes to give bomb as present. i also receive a bomb for my birthday present.... haha