Wednesday, July 11, 2007

10 Things to do in Rainy Adelaide

For those of you who would like to visit Adelaide in the winter in the years to come (like us), here's my suggestion on things that you can do:

1.Search for rainbows

There are lotz of rainbows to see in Adelaide. And they are huge - spanning the entire road. I think I saw at least a rainbow everyday. Pretty sight.

2. (Listen) to free lectures

This is Elder Hall in Adelaide Uni - and it is very beautiful and warm. Great way to get away from the rain and you can spend the time admiring the architecture while the person in front drone on and on...

3. Take (watercolor) photos

I don't mean painting - nowadays there's the camera to do it. Just be creative and take photos of the reflection of the scenery on the wet pavements. Looks great.

4. Sit on the 'flying bus'

Experience being Harry Potter in Hogwarts by sitting on the 'flying bus'. Day-dream while the unassuming normal-looking bus suddenly transforms into a train and travels on rail at unbelievable speed in the middle of the journey. The journey to and fro took around 1 hour. Tats a good way to enjoy a rainy day.

5. Make sand art

Find a deserted beach right after a rain and walk on it. Then retrace your steps and photograph the path you had just took. This makes beautiful photos of 'footsteps' art that you can transform into postcards for friends or put as your display pic on msn.

6. Visit Wine Cellars

There are lots of wine cellars in Adelaide. So when it is raining, hop into one, pretend you are a wine connisseur and try all the different wines available (for free). The wine will make you warm real fast.

7. Drive around in a car treasure hunting

Wonder around aimlessly around Adelaide Hills and you may chanced upon unlisted tourist attraction like this secluded castle. This is one eerie castle coz when we went there it seems like there is no one in it-and the whole place is set-up for a lavish banquet and a real fire is burning inside a real fireplace..

8. Eat

Mouth watering food is always the best medicine for any bad weather. Just find a buffet place and tuck in and you will forget the rain outside. This is what we have for one rainy night - satay, marinated seafood, hot soup, roast meat....

9. Visit churches

Adelaide is officially known as City of Churches. So it is only appropriate ifyou just pretend to be interested in the churches. There came in many shapes and sizes, and best of all, they have a roof.

10. Take photos of yourself

Rainy days are also good photo opportunities coz you stay in a place longer. Can take more photos of yourself with beautiful sceneries as backdrop. Although I didn't do that (I'm a guy, duh).. I think it is highly recommended activity for girls..or you can go shopping.

So there's my Top Ten. Have fun!

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