Sunday, July 01, 2007

A pause and a backward glance

And so it was July.

The second part of 2007 dawned cold and windy, but it didn't rain today. A few places in Melbourne are already facing flash floods, in stark contrast to the draught in summer.

After a 2 months hiatus, at last I had a chance to retreat to my favorite pastime: reading. It was a joy to be finally able to visit my local library and checked out tons of books, and then spending the whole day reading them.

Over the last few days, I had read two 400 pages novel:

1. Taming of the Beast by Emily Maguire, a quite disturbing and thought provoking Australian novel about the life of a girl after having a relationship with her teacher. A sad story really.

2. The Summer That Never Was by Peter Robinson, a classic who-did-it. It had been a long time since I read any detective stories, because none of them seems comparable to the mastery of Agatha Christie, who is my favorite writer of the genre.

Some books and movies that I had borrowed.

I had also watch a Japanese movie: "Crying out love in the centre of the world". It is supposed to be a tear jerker, the kind of love story where a girl and a boy is in love, then the girl unfortunately had to slowly expire after being diagnosed with the classic disease leukemia. Wonder why it is always leukemia. For me, it is disappointing because there are just too many movies about this kind of story. Can't feel their pain anymore. Immune.

Last semester was also the time that I finally conceded that my memory can't be trusted to be my personal diary anymore. There is just too many activities going on for my poor hippocampus to remember so for next semester I am going to write out all my activities and meetings and datelines on a paper and stick them on my notice board. Even before the semester had started, it was already quite full: with 4 extra curricular events on the very first week.. gonna be hectic.

My calendar of events on the right and things to do list on the left.

To tie all the loose ends of my first semester up, I spent the entire afternoon filing all my notes away. It was quite shocking that it ended up in a very big pile, which is as tall as my notes for the entire last year. Geez, I hoped that the results will reflect the amount of hard work I put in this semester.

My mountain of notes. Welcome to Pharmacy!

All in all, it was a very satisfying first semester. It feels great able to help out others and being involved in lots of activities in Uni. I had lots of fun being involved in Leadership and Public Speaking courses, having a try-out being a bartender and brushing up my photography skills, being there to organise activities, joining all the runs and playing badminton and table tennis with friends. I felt that this is the true definition of a all-round university experience: the studying, the extra-curricular activities, trying out new things, picking up soft skills and doing it all with friends. Juggling my time can be hectic sometimes, but it indeed can be done.

Hopefully the second part of the year is going to get better!

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