Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Just to make you jealous

Whilst most of you guys are toiling around in unis and schools doing endless projects and preparing for countless exams, I was having a stress free, work free and fun holiday in Tasmania. Hows dat? Feel like murdering me now?

To make you grow greener and throw fits of jealousy, I decided to put up some tantalizing photos for your de-stressing pleasure. Wish you were here...

Since there are too many good photos to be loaded up, I will start off with the breathtaking scenery we witnessed. Tomoro I will post up the fun we had on the trip.

Welcome to Tassie!

First, all things blue:

There's this pristine lake

and the great blue sea

After that the white sandy beaches

And green green forest

Great big cave

and splashing waterfall

Just like a painting: mountains, lake and greens

There are the cities too:

This is Salamanca, Hobart

This is Swiss Village, Launceston

Oh yeah for those of you who asked me how Tassie is - whatever I replied, whether it is okay, good or great, I meant the same thing: that you all must come here and experience it yourself. =)

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