Friday, September 07, 2007

Three act musings

Today I learnt a new word.

It is wagging.

It sounds dirty, but actually meant playing truant.

Sometimes it is funny that when you learnt a word for the first time, you tend to hear more of it in the same day.

I heard the word wagging four times today from four different people.

Probably because today is such a beautiful sunny day.

And also got an assignment due tomorrow.

An illustration on how to use the word:

A is wagging today. B and C are wagging today. D and E and F are wagging too. They are all wagging to see the five legged dog wagging its tail.

Next time I see anyone skip class, prepared to be greeted "Hey wagger!" I hope it sounds offensive. But you shouldn't be offended, coz this is Australia and using some Aussie slang is apt.


There a compliment which I'm not sure whether it is a compliment for me or not, hence not sure how should I reply.

I just got a new haircut. A few people saw me and say:"nice haircut!"

The dilemma: should I reply "thank you"? Coz its not me who cut the hair! Surely the compliment is for the hairstylist? How should I accept a compliment that is not really for me? The only clever thing I did that merits compliment is choosing the right hairstylist!

Life's so complicated.


Overheard in Uni from one girl to another:

Girl 1: What coloured shirt are you wearing to the conference? (the code is red for not available, orange for am
seeing someone, green for still single).

Girl 2: I'm wearing orange! Don't want to look so desperate.

Me to myself:Yeah girl, wear orange and you will still be single for a few years. What's wrong with telling the world you are single? I'm still single!


Do you know that?
It only costs 15c (RM 0.45) to develop a 6" x 4"photo in Australia. Its cheaper than in Malaysia!

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youngyew said...

Haha yeah it sounds like some vulgar words. I don't exactly know which word it is similar to, is it wang?

Anyway, for the photo price, are you referring to Harvey Norman's price? Because that's the only place I have seen 15c price for 4X6. In fact, with the fotoholics membership, we got a half-price offer for all the photos we print here, so it's 7.5c for me. :P And I can print 8X12 at only 3 dollars, how wonderful is that? :P