Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Snapshots of the week

The 9-5 routine is draining my vitality and ability to conjure something interesting to write about. Can't think at all nowadays due to mental fatigue. =(

Anyway, my Sem 2 results will be out tomoro. Just seems like yesterday that I sat for my last paper. Now trying my best to be calm and nonchalant about it. This is the exam I went worst prepared. Hopefully don't score the dreaded C...

Great news today - I am successful in my application as a student mentor next year! Very happy about it. Don't know why I wanted to be mentor so much. Just that I wanted it. And it definitely not to "骗小妹妹 " as some of my friends alleged. =)

Spent the whole of last Saturday finishing a very good Japanese series called "Nobuta Wo Produce". I felt that it was a very inspiring and touching - about how two boys helped a shy girl build up her confidence step-by-step. For someone who is relatively shy like me, this drama really strikes a chord. It also highlight the importance of true friends - how indispensable they were when you are in need of help. Highly recommended.

A scene from "Nobuta Wo Produce"

Other highlights of the week:

Wong Mew Choo won the China Open. She became the first Malaysian woman to do that - and she did it in style, beating three top Chinese shuttlers. Wonder when will she gets the money and recognition ala the lame Hafiz Hashim.

Kevin Rudd won the Australian Election, beating John Howard. Wonder when will Malaysia have a strong opposition party. Voting in Malaysia is like voting the lesser of two evils. Hard to make the call.

Another rally in Malaysia, and another alledged chemical laced water attack by the police - of all people. Now I feel really insecure about going back home.

Met with JPA representative in Aussie - the nice lady said aspiring doctors and pharmacists must go back. There will be a guranteed job waiting. Hmm..

England out of Euro 2008. Nothing to be sad about - they had it coming. Lame coach. Lame players. Now just in a quadmire which team to support for the Championship. Think I will go for Germany. Their footballing style is fantastic.

See you all next month.

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