Monday, June 05, 2006


It's swot-vac time! After 13 weeks of tedious studies, it is now the time for a 1 week cramming before the real exams start next week.

What does swot means? well, I'm not sure about it myself initially when I first heard of the term last year. I thought it was an acronym of study with own time, study with-out teacher, start worrying over test or stress working over-time. Nobody ever try to ask what actually swot means. It is just taken for granted that we know what it means based on what we think it means. Sounds complicated?

To role-play it:
Happy Student: "Yeah, I have a swot vac this week!"
Sad Student: "Wow! so nice... our uni didn't give us a break to study..."

"damn.. you got swot vac..."

Sad student knew swot vac as a week without lectures, where one can stay home to study. But he doesn't know the real meaning of swot. So one day if someone ask him..

Sad Student: "That uni have swot vac..."
Pretty Student: "What is the meaning of swot?"
Sad Student: "Huh? swot means... err... I dunno... (brain going overdrive) study with own time gua..."
Pretty Student: "Ohh... I never knew that.. you so clever.."
Sad Student: "hehehehe.. (break sweat)"

"tiu... what does swot means?"

Well, sad student still doesn't know what swot means , and he well think what he perceived is the truth until some nerd comes along and correct him..
Sad Student: "You know, yesterday some sohai ask me what swot means.."
Nerd: "Let me encyclopedia it..."

"come... come ask encyclopedia..."

and the results:

swot [swot]
or swat [swot]
vi (past swot·ted, past participle swot·ted, present participle swot·ting, 3rd person present singular swots) (past swat·ted, past participle swat·ted, present participle swat·ting, 3rd person present singular swats)

U.K. study very hard: to study very hard and intensively, especially for an examination (informal)
n (plural swots) (plural swats) U.K.
1. hard-working student: somebody who studies very hard or excessively (disapproving informal)
2. period of hard study: a period of time spent studying hard, especially for an examination (informal)
[Mid-19th century. Originally a Scottish variant of sweat .]

Microsoft Encarta Reference Library 2004. ©

Nerd: "let me google it also"

Swot - a British slang term for an inoffensive person who nevertheless offends his peers by giving too much attention to his schoolwork

From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

And as a result of this extensive swotting, I will try to spend less time blogging, unless I am too stressed out. Happy swotting to everyone else too!

Cool word rite, swot? ^_^"""

P/s: the role play above, as the name role-play suggest, is just a role-play. It does not bear semblance to anyone and anything that had happened in real life. Any similiarity with anyone, dead or alive, is unintentional. The models' appearance are for aesthetic sake of the role-play and for your entertainment per se. I repeat, they are NOT to be correlated with real life happenings.

P/s 2: Thanks to the ever hardworking OWL for encyclopedia-ing the word out for me and enlighten me on the real meaning of swot.

Oh ya, before I forgot.. another birthday dedication to dish out too: Happy 21th Birthday to Heng Liang (or I think he called himself the sydney feline nowadays). Hope to see you in Melbourne soon so we can visit some bars and hot nite spots together. ^_^


hL said...

Hi hi,

Good la.. Your uni encourage you to swot! Our uni encourages us to take time off. They hate using SwotVac; instead, they use StuVac! Wow! Student Vacation! Vacation for Students! Purpose of vacation is unknown and it's up to you to define! Hahaha..

Btw, thanks for the wish on your post. So touched.

Take care.

And be the best!

Casper said...


since when did bp took up modelling?

klsz said...

casper : yea!! i AGREE with YOU!

i am so sosososoososos surprised!

Phiaw said...

Er.. its not modelling leh.. juz something to de-stress myself after 5 hours of studying. No need so suprised boh.. one of my dreams is to be n actor someday..haha.. maybe should start out a post someday on "10 thinngs you all didn't know about the cute and adorable phiaw" =.^

Casper said...

should be 10 thing about the proud and super narccistic phiaw...

klsz said...

casper :

eh eh eh... someone's very optimistic about himself marh... dun pull his confidence down marh!!!


Casper said...

ok, i never know phiaw cn look so retarded... :p

Anonymous said...

Eh.. apa I look so retarded.. I look very cute okay!! =P

Casper said...

since when did phiawz change name to anonymous ar? mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...

Phiaw said...

Opps... mistake la.. Forgot to sign in. Anyway you know its me rite? Haha =P

klsz said...

Hard to tell lerh...
Who knows it your evil clone...

Casper said...

or the one with the name phiaw is the real clone?

klsz said...

it's easy to tell though... coz.. the real phiaw don't do modelling, agree???... so.. i think the phiaw who blogs is the clone gua... =P

Phiaw said...

Wah.. u two kept goin on this for so long ar? haha. Ahem if my scientific knowledge is correct, my clone will act and think exactly as I do or.. haha mayb not.. =)

Casper said...

no, ur evil clone will do the exact opposite of what u do...:p