Friday, May 01, 2009


After working for just 10 days, I am already rewarded with a holiday. In appreciation for my hard work, the Malaysian government decided that we should have a Labour Day holiday. Yippee!

And so its May already. It wouldn’t be long before we say goodbye to 2009. On a brighter note, there’s still more than half of 2009 to savour (the half glass empty, half glass full view of things).

Okay to expand on my previous post, outpatient pharmacy is very busy. There’s a constant flow of people wanting to take their medicines. And Malaysians are generally an impatient lot. They expect to be served immediately! Why can’t they see there’s a lot of people in front of them and appreciate that it’s not easy trying to assemble the huge amount of medications they need to patch up their bodies.

Of course, I can’t completely blame them. Me too had been guilty of such transgression.  I often sat on the other side of the counter while waiting for my turn in banks and post offices and immigration offices, wondering why it took so long to process something. Slow snails and lazy bums at work! Now that I am on the other side of the counter… lets just say I will be more patient next time I am queuing up and not badmouth those people working on the other side.

My brain often can’t function after I reached home from work. It was exhausting job. Haven’t been writing for a few weeks. I had some descriptive essays written ages ago but haven’t fashioned out a worthwhile story to go with it. I just have enough inspiration to write the short piece below this morning. Hopefully can think of a more substantial storyline this long weekend in between time spent studying. There’s just so much about pharmacy that I need to re-remember. Enjoy.

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