Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Should I buy one?

I wanna a small laptop coz its cheap and light (1.2kg). Then I can go online at Starbucks without bringing my spineless tanker of a laptop. Or go hospital watch drama will on midnight shift.This laptop looks  aesthetically pleasing too and only priced at RM1699..hmm any suggestions?

Oh by the way, its the Dell Mini 10.


I’m thinking of getting the pink one…no, not that I’m girly or what, but I think I should treat a laptop as a girlfriend (so that I will be more careful taking care of it) rather than an extension of myself. Since girls loved to dress in shades of light blue, purple or pink, I should dress my laptop in pink (since its the only available colour).


Lalala any suggestion on that?


changyang1230 said...

Pink? You will attract a lot of unwanted attention la. :P

Galahad said...

dont be a pansy, choose the manly black. its less noticeable with minor scratch. why not asus Eee if looking for small lap?