Sunday, August 30, 2009

Food food food!

A certain friend remarked that I should put more photos in my blog to make it more appealing. Besides, she argued, a picture equals to a thousand words. Good point. I guess I should write less and put more photos into my blog.

Around 10 days ago a certain owl flew into Kuching to attend his sister’s graduation. Off we go to sample some Kuching delicacies in TopSpot. Despite it being a weekday and the H1N1 threat, the place was teeming with people.

Camera 354

We had bidin fried with belacan as well as bamboo clams with curry paste, which are both local delicacies. 

Camera 350

Then there were this sour-spicy barbecued in leaves sting-ray as well as a humongous oyster pancake. 

Camera 351

Camera 353


I had been increasingly turning to producing food as a therapeutic way to de-stress after a hard day at work. Even so satisfying to eat something you had DIY and also see other people savouring it.

This was my venture in replicating the thin crust pizza of Melbourne which I missed so much.

Camera 346 

And also some delicious vegetable pau..

Camera 361

The balls of pau dough..

Camera 363

The delicious and healthy vegetable fillings.

Camera 364

Putting the fillings on rolled-up dough and wrapping it up.

Camera 362

Pau before steaming.

Camera 365

The finished product. It is as tasty as it looks. =)

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