Monday, June 14, 2010

A day at walk (Part 1: Miri)

Today is not my ‘working day’ because it was considered as my ‘travelling day’ – a day given for me to get from where I was to where I am going to. It transpired to be a ‘walking day’ instead and indeed I do really ‘travel’.

The day started off with a plane trip to Miri. Reached there 8am. As the connecting plane to Mukah only flying off 1pm, I hopped into a taxi to have a quick tour of this oil rich city.

First stop: Miri City Fan. Beautiful scenery.



Walked pass Imperial Mall


and stopped for breakfast at a place called Hai-Ou cafe which was filled with lots of old people.


Some pictures of Miri Town



Me walking aptly in the middle of the road like a Teo Chew along Jalan Teo Chew,


Before I ended up shopping in Bintang Mall.


Around 1130am its back to the airport at last, where I enjoyed a last cup of modern sophistication


before going into this miniature plane.


What happened after that is another story altogether.

Oh by the way, the area enclosed in red is roughly Miri as I travelled it in 3 short hours of taking bus number 11.


I am impressed with myself ^^

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esther dee said...

Aw my beloved MIRI!!!!! i wanna go back!