Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back through the looking glass

For a place revisited, there existed less excitement for the need to brandish out a camera and snap the moment for cold storage.

Yet, there are some places in Melbourne where somehow, in the long four years I was there, I never step foot into.

Embarrassingly near home is the National Gallery of Victoria, home to drawings and artefacts by mostly dead people. It was a nice place, a visit there made me feel very cultured.


Not very far away is the Weribee mansion and the associated rose garden. The splendour of the house transported me back to the world of grand yesteryears with grand balls and attending butler. Unfortunately, the rose garden is more of imagine what colour will the rose growing on this barren stalk be.


Further down the coast, a 3 hours drive away is Wilson’s Prom, home to this beach which squeaked, as well as freely wandering kangaroos and wombats.


Yes, I managed to squeeze all those in my short 1 week holiday. Not to mention the twice visited newly minted South Wharf Direct factory Outlet (DFO).


For nostalgia sake, I visited my old rental places, and stepped into the buildings where I earned my degree. In truth, 20 months is too short for big changes. 88 Palmerston street was still there, the only difference being a line of graffiti stencilled on the wall. The cafe in College Square had changed to a Chinese looking eatery. And Uni? the poster I did for PISA 2 years+ ago is still on the notice board. What the heck…

That’s all about these empty space fillers, the colourful background of the nice long collage that’s my short holiday to Melbourne. =)

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