Sunday, August 08, 2010

Mukah tales

It had been an eventful week in Mukah.

A YB came to visit. Even though I never heard of him before, he is quite a bigwig, being a political secretary to the CM and all that. So on a fine Thursday morning off we went congregating in the multi purpose meeting room and hear him speak. Not bad. Politicians can really speak well. Of course there’s food afterwards. Everything here got food afterwards. =)

And Saturday was Mukah Hospital family day. There’s carnival sports in the morning,  BBQ in the evening and karaoke all night long. Its quite fun, seeing the staffs dancing and cute kids playing. Mukah people really loves to shake their bodies. Once they hear music, they break into spontaneous jigs. Perhaps its a reflection of the stress free life in Mukah, or a cultural thing.


The ever-present kids blow balloon event.


The couple tango dancing session. The whole hospital is really one big happy family made of interlinked nucleus families. Mukah is that small.

Work? Nothing much different. Same old, same old. Current project is documenting amount of scripts received with errors in it. Pharmacists are evidenced based after all. Hot topic of the week? Leptospirosis and preventative medicines for diabetes.

Home? I did some DIY home improvements. Now my house looks a little bit more like home. Step by step..


Curtains reborn: Previously adorned my room in Kuching, now adorning my room in Mukah. I put the railings up myself. Super proud haha.


Pictures reborn: Previously adorning my room in Melbourne, now refreshed and recycled and used in Mukah. =)

Speaking about Melbourne, I am super excited. Because by the end of the week, I will be there.


Melbourne, here i come!

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changyang1230 said...

Look forward to your visit! :)