Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home improvement series

Using my lousy webcam to snap these pictures as I’m lazy. I had developed a few nice photos while in Kuching, and they now hang proudly in my new home.


Some of the masterpieces adorning my bedroom:


And thank goodness its going to be Raya soon. Raya sale had been good, been able to get the throw pillows, flowers, vase and hanging picture for cheap. Those little things above the sofa are actually photos.


I am actually quite happy with the flowers I arranged together; tulips of three different colours mixed with two green long somethings. And it is next to my flower motif cushion and throw pillows. 


Right on top is this picture of a tulip farm, giving the illusion that the tulips in the vase below is plucked fresh from there. =)


I had also bought a comforter set in Kuching for my bedroom. To welcome my use of the comforter set, Mukah gave me two of the hottest night I had ever experienced here.


Well, I think Mukah heard me complaining, so the next day she sent a wind so strong that the papaya tree on the back of my house snapped cleanly into two.

Now am thinking of my next home improvement step. Maybe its time to start hunting for furniture…

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