Sunday, January 08, 2012

Blast from the past

It was a night scrolling through the previous posts, reminiscing at the cherish thoughts of yesteryears that spurred my decision to revive this blog.

There were so many forgotten snippets of my life that bobbed to the surface, like fishes enticed by just a short blurb or spiel in the blog.

Reading the blog filled me with mixed emotions; the occasional laugh out loud at my own wittiness, a soft glow while glossing through at my wondrous writing skills and the bashful smile reliving my naivety.

Lesson of the day: never underestimate the might of words and overestimate the power of memory.

The year 2011 ended in exactly the same spot where it had begun: surrounded by the same friends and hoards of nameless others, ears serenaded by the sounds of blaring music, eyes pleasured by the beauty of fireworks, minds in the making of perhaps the same wish, all under the pale edifice of the tallest building in Sibu.

IMG_3027 .

But rest assured the year didn’t end in a full circle. In fact 2011 can be describe as the year of exponential growth as I struggled and strived to define myself and develop a persona as a unit head in a district hospital.

It was a year where I learnt a lot about myself: my strengths, my weaknesses, my leadership style, my fierce ambition. It was a successful year career wise, even though I had identified several personal demons that required some more hard work in 2012 to banish and overcome.

2011 ended on a high with an eventful December where we  successfully organisation a “Meeting with clients” day, holding a nice Christmas dinner and a relaxing shopping trip to Singapore.


The Hari Bersama Pelanggan which made the papers.


The End of year/Christmas/Birthday celebration


 Singapore revisited.

2012 will be a defining year. A year to build upon the foundation laid in 2011 and bring the pharmacy in Mukah to the peak of its glory and then making a graceful exit at the top. I believe 3 years is long enough before the search for new challenges begin. Hopefully, I will be hardworking enough to chronicle them in this blog.

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