Friday, February 03, 2012

台湾七人七日游 - 我的台湾日记

It had been a long while since I embarked on a trip with friends, and thanks to the organisational prowess of Lester, I find myself setting afoot on Taiwanese soil on 2nd of February.



First day of Taiwan was a headlong immersion into the exquisite and varied cuisine of the place, from the 小笼包at the Michelin starred 鼎泰丰 restaurant to the night market selling funny looking but nevertheless delicious food.

After putting down our luggage in the impressive apartment we are staying - Apple House for those interested - we took to the roads on our bare feet to reach the  train station 5 mins away. Our first destination – dinner at 鼎泰丰. The 小笼包 was just… out of the world.

IMG_4577 IMG_4582

In order to digest the food and breath in the cold Taiwan air, we decided to embark on a 2km to our next gastronomic adventure – 师大月市。


The night market was choke full of interesting food, from meat balls to noodles, desserts to drinks. Of all the things we tried, the 2 most outstanding in terms of the “interesting” factor being these:

IMG_4615 IMG_4617

As good things come in threes, we decided to continue our journey to 西門町 to try the famous 阿宗面线。

IMG_4639 IMG_4628

It was absolutely delicious, perhaps accentuated because it was a hot piping dish being savoured in the cold wet weather.

So there goes the first day in Taiwan – its all about food food and more good food.. what a nice warm fulfilling welcome!

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