Saturday, October 08, 2005


And now...presenting you the blog that i had long been shelving in the back of my mind...
A pensieve of all my thoughts and my two pence's worth on everything under the sun...

The 13 reasons on why i wanted to write a blog...
1) Because lotz ppl are writing blogs
2) Because I wanted to be heard
3) Because I like to talk
4) Because I want u to hav a piece of my mind
5) Because I hav nothing else better to do
6) Because I want to brush up my English?
7) Make new friends?
8) Learn new things...
9) Learning ground to write a novel later
10) Want frenz to kept updated about my activities
11) Want to read what u think of me
13) and of course, because I feel like it.

Thats is for the opening ceremony. Keep your toes in line n if fingers crossed, if my mood is good, i'll update it everyday...tata for now!

P/S: An inauspicious start? Perhaps you might be asking why the unlucky 13 and not other numbers.. well becoz 13's my favorite number..hehe =P


khengying said...

wow.... well done phiaw..
tat's so cool..
keep it up..
jia you lor!!

day-dreamer said...