Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The day Italy won the World Cup

It was lucky that I lived on an Italian Street. And lucky that Italy won the World Cup. And also lucky that I was there at the right time to see it all.

The date was 10.7.2006. Italy had juz beaten France to lift the world football crown. Lygon Street erupted in a frenzy. Italians thronged the streets, literally stopping traffic.

Cars are stopped;

Even the buses are not spared.

Eventually, the police even had to cordon off a stretch of the road for some spontaneous Italian street parade and street soccer. It started wif a few people dancing in the street, and by the minute, more and more people joined in; in the end, the crowd got so huge that the street had to be closed so that the party can go on. To be there and watch the crowd grow... simply amazing. We ended joining in the fun.

Initially, no one at street;

Then a few people;

Then more people;

In the end, a full fledged street party.

The shop propertiors aren't going to lose out too... right after the win, their premises are awashed with green, white and red.. the colours of the Azurri. And blue Italian jerseys are on parade too, as well as replica World Cup trophies and footballs.

Restaurants are decorated;

Coffee shops are not left out too;

Even CD store caught the fever.

Well, me? My friends and I took full advantage of the win too. We celebrated it with a scrumptious dinner at a fine Italian restaurant, which cost a bundle ($20 for a plate of pasta and other types of Italian staple such as risotto, antipasto, fettucini, tortinelli etc etc.. if cook myself need only spend $4). Usually wouldn't go there but we are feeling lucky as Italy won the World Cup when we coincidently lived on an Italian street. Besides, they give free drinks and garlic bread. And mind you the free drinks are not plain soft drinks, they include all sorts of wine, coffee and cocktail which usually cost around $10. Had a Merlot that cost $7 per glass - taste real smooth compared to the $5 bottle we usually buy at the grocery store.

Me enjoying my Rissotto con Mezza with Merlot.

For those people not here, you sure miss something special.

Acknowledgement: most of the photos are taken by Heng Liang, a Sydnesider who are lucky enough to be visiting Melbourne when Italy win the World Cup.

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