Thursday, July 06, 2006

Writing something meaningful

A piece of this and that

Well, this post is partly written to fill the void left by a sudden creative writing block and partly to reassure my friends that I haven't lost my sanity - that I'm still the same old me.

Been drifting and floating along in nothinglessness and the illusionary world for the past week - engrossed in watching the World Cup, TVB cantonese drama and a few odd movies; as well as reading up a story book or two. I had been tranposing between dreams and reality for the last few days, trangressing the world that I would never live and love to live, and experiencing myriad of emotions and feelings. However lamentable the way I spent my hols may seems, I did learn something from it.

Things that I realised or re-realised over the last week:
1) time flies - this sounds familiar, but it's the reality. I have a feeling that as I grow older the time flies faster;
2) when we are out of something, we want to be in it; when we are in, we want to get out;
3) most footballers are cheats: they will try everything possible to gain an advantage for their team; whether it is to gain a penalty kick or get their opponents sent off;
4) good will prevail over evil in the movies but not neccessarily in real life.

Being happy

Just remembered that See Hua tagged me about things that make me happy everyday. After giving it some deep thoughts.. I felt that I will be happy everyday if I
1) have an engrossing novel to read;
2) wake up to the sound of birds chirping and bright sunlight;
3) have friends around me to converse with;
4) have time to be alone everyday to ponder about this and that;
5) can observe children playing and fooling around;
6) observe that the weather good enough to play sports;
7) have inspiration to write something;
8) receive unexpected e-mails or letters from friends;
9) able to smell the sweetness of flowers on the way to uni;
10) seeing that people besides me being happy.

Time Warp

Where was I last year this day:

Phillips Island

It seems just like yesterday. I can still remember what I had for dinner that day and the tour guide. He is bald. Time really flies. Better cherish every moment...

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